Brooklyn Night


Maya Paynefrom the east coast to the west we ain't the worst, we ain't the best drink all night, i'm such a mess there's something missing in my chest show me the hill, show me the view i swear i'm coming back for you i lost my mind, i lost my shoe i found myself when i found... be my savior, be my woman go from la back to brooklyn take my body 'til the morning now i'm leaving without warning she said let's stay up all night long everything right and nothing's wrong that girl don't wanna see the dawn she came so quick, and now she's gone what's coming next, i just don't know i'll be your fort, i'm coming home now i'm alone, i can't relax i won't forget about the... what's your name, and what's your story hayley's heavy i'm still horny, she's so fine i'm so boring, i still want you in the morning in the morning in the morning i'm leaving, i'm leaving without warning be my savior be my woman go from l

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